= illustrated debauchery
this is soltian's x-rated collection of drawings, both my own and reblogged.
Anonymous: Are you the one who wrote the Northern Sea? I hope so.... because I have been intrigued but avoiding it for months, and then today I saw some fan art posted and I was still a little drunk so I let myself read some merman sex... and holy fucking SHIT, the story is amazing. The writing it amazing. Everything is constructed SO well, characters, story, everything. I hope you did, because I am like sending CRAZY kudos your way. WELL the FUCK DONE! (sorry for the gush :) )

Oh gosh—!! Yes, that is me, I am 100% guilty of writing that epic of merman smut. THANK YOU for the wonderful words and for the re-assurance that it’s a pleasurable read while drunk! This has been a very important question on my mind *-* I recently received a simply amazing comment on Ao3 which I have been stroking creepily a la Gollum and his precious, I usually take like a week to actually ANSWER the incredible feedback I get there because for whatever reason responding to intense praise makes me super nervous?? So if that was you, I apologize for my covetous delay!