= illustrated debauchery
this is soltian's x-rated collection of drawings, both my own and reblogged.


30 Day OTP Porn Challenge: Voyeurism

Summary: Myth!Loki just wants myth!Thor to let him participate in, um, a very private action.

Contains: Watersports. Mild humiliation kink.

Notes: Aaahaha yes I’m still working on these. Was the 30 days supposed to be consecutive or something? Also on AO3.

Think of Rain

Loki fully expected that it would earn him a sharp elbow to the ribs when he tried it, creeping up behind Thor where he stood and sliding both arms around him.

It would have been better if he could have claimed to be drunk. Quite a few things, among the Aesir, could be excused by drunkenness, from starting wars to ending up with one’s sensitive parts stuck in places where one really should not have put them in the first place. However, being drunk would also have made this… dangerous. For both of them. And then he would probably wind up with worse than bruised ribs.

And this was something that Loki really, desperately wanted.

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wow that was really really hot ilu illwynd.